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Galvanizing Consultants


Crithwood can help you in a variety of areas from equipment, meeting legislative requirements, through to improving productivity and reducing operational cost.

Plant and Equipment Selection

In upgrading or building a new plant, you want the most cost effective equipment available. Crithwood can advise independently of equipment suppliers to ensure you select the equipment that does your job, but within your budget.

Process control and energy reduction

Coatings application can be energy intensive, so any savings in this area are welcome. Plant and equipment are important in energy reduction, but so are practices that cost little to implement. Find out how to cut you utility consumption today!

Productivity Improvement

Productivity improvement is about people, equipment and their interaction. Crithwood have experience in both, and have techniques to help you get the best in your organisation.


You want your people to do the best job possible and enjoy doing it. A good knowledge of what they're trying to achieve and the technical background ensures they can make effective decisions. Training offered at operator, supervisor, manager levels.

Environmental Management

Compliance with environmental legislation can be confusing, but is essential. Crithwood can help you all the way from writing a permit application, to everyday compliance with the regulations. We have much experience in this area.

Kettle changes

The galvanizing industry is one where equipment changes are required at times, and it can be daunting. Crithwood can help, advising, project managing and helping to make sure this expensive investment pays a return.

Coating Failures

Coatings sometimes fail. But why? The answers can range from inappropriate specification (as in the pictured case) to mistakes in application, and even damage once installed. Its not always obvious, but Crithwood can help here, unearthing the reason for a failure. If you are the client wondering what went wrong, the applicator needing to know what you did wrong, or the specifier stuck in the middle, we can help. Objective, science based investigation can unearth what went wrong, and advise on how to prevent that happening again.

Best Practice Training

How your people operate your plant and equipment greatly affects the quality of the output, the cost of the input, and how long the equipment lasts. Simple operational practices can help lengthen the service of  tanks and kettles, reduce zinc consumption, reduce energy use and improve finish. Training at all levels is appropriate, not only how to do it at the operator level, but what to look for at managerial and supervisory levels.

Zinc Management

Zinc is one of the biggest costs in galvanizing, and consumption is greatly influenced by operational practices and chemical setup. By implementing low cost changes to practices, huge savings are often possible.

Powder Coating

Powder applied coatings on galvanized steel, and other metals are an excellent way to improve aesthetics, and add value for your customers. We can advise on choice of plant, operational practices, process control, and marketing this attractive service. Offering powdercoating and galvanizing together can make your customers choice of supplier even easier - your "one stop shop".


Equipment Upgrades

Project management of plant and equipment upgrades. From a kettle change in galvanizing, to installing powder-coating operations to complement galvanizing, or upgrading any of these, Crithwood can help. We don't supply equipment, so we are your independent advisor in choosing who does supply, and then making sure they supply what you paid for.

Market Studies

If you're thinking of entering a new market area, you want to do this on the basis of some research to show that the market exists, what size it is, and what that market thinks is important. We can help with this, helping you base your new venture on solidly researched information.

Process Audit

A process audit involves looking at every aspect of the operation, comparing what you do with current best practice and leaving you with a recommended action list for improvements. Sometimes it takes a "fresh set of eyes" to see the poor practices, or wrong chemistry in a process. Rectification of some process parameters can mean huge cost savings.