Paddles and Oar Manufacturers

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Oars, Paddles and Tillers 

Handmade timber products

We make oars for dinghies, for skiffs, fishing boats and more. Up to 5m length, and with a variety of blade types.

Paddles for Canoes. Beaver tail style blades, Greenland style, and in sizes to suit. Made to order, and some in stock.

Standup Paddle Board paddles.

Tillers for sailboats. Made to order. Laminated for strength, shaped to suit your boat. Replacements to match an existing worn or broken tiller.




Oars for dinghies, skiffs, small boats, even bigger boats.

Curved blade 1


Curved reinforced blade where the shank goes part way down the blade. A thinner lighter weight blade.

Curved blade 2

General Purpose

A curved blade, but without the reinforced shank extension. Tend to be thicker and heavier.

Straight blade

General purpose

A general purpose blade for all round use. Sturdy workhorse.

Canoe Paddles

Paddles for Canadian style canoes. Single ended paddles with beaver-tail or otter-tail style blades.

Long short or in between?

Length to suit you

The length of a paddles is to suit the canoeist. There are various methods of determining the best length, but generally the taller you are the longer the paddle should be. Lengths from 100cm (for about a 5 year old) to  200cm (or more) available to order.


Strong and so pretty!

Additional strength is gained by laminations of different timbers with different grains. In addition, the beauty of different timbers adds an aesthetic to function. Typically we use hemlock, spruce, meranti, teak, douglas fir and similar timbers as they're available.

Tillers for Yachts

A yacht tiller not only steers the boat, it sets a tone for the look of the boat. It must also be comfortable to grip for perhaps hours on end. It must be strong, durable but also look lovely! Not made to stock, as this is such an individual item, but mostly patterned from your old one - even a broken one!

A replacement

A broken tiller. A complex curve in laminated timber, served faithfully for many years, but now broken at the stock end, and needing replaced. The curve matched exactly, the shape preserved, the size copied faithfully.

Taking shape

The new tiller alongside the old, still being fashioned, but starting to look the part.


Finishing not only improves the looks, but also helps preserve the timber. Finishes include polyurethane varnish, Danish Oil, or Teak Oil.

Laminated beauty

Laminated timber is stronger than a single solid piece of timber, and allows for fashioning into a complex shape. Steaming is used to get the timber to bend to a formed shape to replicate the original.

Laminated timber

Strips of alternating colours and timber types allow for extra strength and better looks. Marine polyurethane glue is used to make up laminated tillers.


Offcuts are often used to make wooden spoons and spatulas.

Paddle Gallery

We make several different styles of paddle. Beavertail, Ottertail, Greenland.

Cedar laminating

Laminated cedar

Cedar Paddle shaft

A paddle blade takes shape

Clamps galore

Greenland Style Paddle

Greenland style paddle

Greenland style paddle

Greenland style paddle

Beavertail paddle

Beavertail paddle


The company name derives from this forestry block called Crithwood in West Lothian. It's mainly Larch, and is one source for timber for our oars and paddles. There are also about 500 Hazelnut trees. Over winter 2020/21 we're planting 1000 Christmas trees to populate the remaining unplanted areas.