Consultants to the Hot Dip Galvanizing and Coatings  Industry.


The technical advisor for coating companies and those buying coatings.

Having your own technical director is not always sensible, depending on the size of your organisation. But when you need to improve performance, or plan some new installation of plant and equipment, having someone who has done it before, and successfully, is a huge benefit and cost effective.

 Crithwood work for you on your terms, as much or as little as you need, advising about equipment, practices, standards, legislation and more. Then training your people in the things they need to know in order to continue to improve, we offer technical training in galvanizing and powder-coating. Call us for a no obligation discussion on how we could help your business beat the competition, improve profitability and enjoy work more!

If you're buying / specifying coatings we can help here too. Your asset can only be protected if you specify an appropriate coating to a suitable standard.

Lower Zinc consumption

Higher productivity

Using less zinc to galvanize the same amount of steel is an attractive proposition. If you're not satisfied with your zinc performance, we can help. Do you know if your zinc performance is good or bad? Comparison can be made with many other plants to check.

Ash and dross production are often the culprits, and we have comparative data from many plants internationally to compare against. And techniques for reducing ash and dross, and so saving zinc. At the extreme of this, we have halved zinc consumption in one plant, but more normally reductions of 10 or 20% are possible.

Is your throughput  satisfactory? There are proven ways to improve it, we can show you some ways to reduce cost of production, and save money.