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Galvanizing Consultants

Who is Crithwood?

Geoff Crowley is the director of Crithwood

Geoff Crowley has over 40 years experience in the steel and coatings industries, including 14 years as MD of a 2 plant galvanizing company. An engineer with an MBA, he has a superior technical knowledge of all aspects of the coatings industries, especially batch hot dip galvanizing and powdercoating. Starting his career in the steel industry in New Zealand, he has worked in metals in NZ, Australia, Iceland and Scotland. He is a non-executive director of several organisations,  on the advisory board of Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service, a director of the UK Galvanizers Association, a member of the executive committee of Scottish Engineering, and sits on several other industry committees in Scotland. In any spare time, he is a qualified yachtsman and navigator, and has a well equipped home workshop for metals and timber fabrication. He manufactures oars, tillers and canoe paddles.

Our promise 

We will work fast and thoroughly to do the task agreed.

We warrant that you will get value for money. We recognise that your investment in our service must have a payback like any investment. If what you want to do won't return you a dividend, we will tell you. Our objective is to make your business more profitable, more enjoyable, just plain better.

Remuneration can be flexible. Usually a daily rate, but prepared to discuss reward based on improvements made. A share of the zinc consumption saved might be nice, but not necessary!